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The Resolvable Paranoia

Ahh, where should we start? Okay, let's start with, I'm the relatively paranoid type. And given the super ambitious nature of agencies like NSA and governments around the world, I didn't want to leave any blind spots.

Archlinux - My Sanctum Sanctorum

This guide is the only guide you'll ever need (lol) to set up your Archlinux system from ground up. Follow this only when you have gained familiarity to the Linux ecosystem using Ubuntu or any other OS.

Docker Primer

When we think of virtualization today, we may think of Virtual Box, which abstracts away the system processes, and lets you run a completely system from another.

Firewall init

Firewall is used to keep a check on the incoming and outgoing connections. We shall be using ufw (Uncomplicated Firewall) to close unwanted incoming connections from the Internet and allow outgoing ones.

Ubuntu - The start of an amazing journey

I originally started off with the Windows Operating System. It was good until I realized I couldn't customize anything the way I wanted. As of now I have transitioned to using Arch Linux as my daily driver since it brings along a ton of customization capabilities and a minimalistic approach with I very much like.